Current projects

Here are the projects we are involved with or planning to work on

  • Project SMILEGOV: How to produce Island Sustainable Energy plans through functioning multilevel governance
  • Island Energy audits , CARES project in collaboration with Community Energy Scotland
  • Project EUSIRO: we are discussing the possibility of getting involved in a european island waste project.Plastic waste is a major issues for islands and we’d really like to do a cooperation project with islands in the North Sea in particular
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation on islands: this is what we want to work on together with our fellow ESIN members. We are presently looking at mechanisms to fund this cooperation project.
  • Island Sustainability indicators: following a presentation on this subject by Neil Lodwick of the University of Wales at the ESIN AGM 2014,  we are keen to explore what this would mean for the Scottish islands.
  • Electric vehicles for islands: there are many different types of EVs about, but which one are more suitable for island life? See the report on the Tweezy.
  • Islands Going Green: we are compiling information on Scottish Islands which arr working towards lowering their carbon footprint

December update for Project SMILEGOV





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