Why join the Scottish Islands Federation? 

If you feel high transport costs, restricted employment opportunities and poor services pose a threat to the sustainability of island communities in Scotland, especially the smallest ones, joining the Scottish Islands Federation is another way to get your island community’s voice heard.

Through its membership of ESIN – the European Small Islands Network, SIF is also working to promote the smaller islands’ interests at European level, as these are not necessarily represented by larger organisations such as the Confederation of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

Developing a sustainable island economy, protection of the island environment, renewable energy, transport are among the issues SIF highlighted during the recent European Parliamentary elections. We got the candidates to sign our Island Champion Pledge and now we are going back to them to ask what they are doing for the islands.

The Federation also wants to engage locally with the councils and any other body that have an impact on island life on issues that particularly affect living and working on Scottish Islands.

We are therefore inviting your community group to join the Federation. The long term prosperity and survival of our islands are our aims, and your input is essential.

Who can join? 
To join, your group must have a constitution and has a Board/Committee which is elected in accordance with democratic principles. Full details of membership classes and eligibility are given in our Articles and Memorandum of Association.

How much does it costs? 

Ordinary membership with voting rights, open to democratically run organisations based on Scottish Islands: £20 /annum.                                                                                             

  • Individual membership with no voting rights: open to any Scottish islands residents : £10 /annum.
  • Associated membership with no voting rights: open to organisations/ statutory bodies interested in the work of the Scottish Islands Federation. £100 /annum.
  • Annual subscription run from 1st November to 31 October. Membership application will be considered at each board meeting.

Download membership form here.


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