Towards Low carbon Islands

Towards Low Carbon islands

The Scottish Islands’ carbon footprint is already lower than the UK average. The high emissions associated with ferry use for islanders are more than offset by lower than UK average levels of consumption of food and services although tourism adds 10% to the overall footprint.

Baseline carbon emission

  • Average mainland UK community of 1000 people: 10.62 tonnes of CO2 per annum
  • Average Scottish island community of 1000 people: 9.50 tonnes of CO2 per annum

9.50 tonnes of CO2 per annum are made of:

Direct emissions associated with electricity use, space and water heating, food and vehicle use: 45%
Indirect emissions associated with goods and services: 55%
How to become a carbon neutral island: islands going green!

Success in creating a carbon neutral island can be achieved where there is a successful marriage of community and technology and a real desire to implement change at both an individual and community level. Scottish islands are leading the way in doing exactly this.

To find out more about Low Carbon islands in Scotland, go to the Islands Going Green post.


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